If you are an ADHD Fidgeter, check this article out!

Something about having a fidget toy in my hand while concentrating on important documents at work really helps me stay focused!   – Michelle

Ever wondered why paying attention to what the teacher said was such a task back in school? Did you experience aimless thinking, fidgeting with stationeries, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, physical aggression and difficulty concentrating? Were you the usual quintessential characteristics of a troublemaking kid? Did you simultaneously love staying organized and could remember details as if etched in your brain?

Adhd Adult tips

Wait! Do these symptoms still describe you as an adult?! These are characteristic symptoms of a mental disorder called ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

According to the reports of The A.D.D. Resource Center, there has been a 42 percent growth in the number of ADHD patients in the past eight years. It is very common disorder affecting over 11% of the U.S population according to NCES and is on the rise. The symptoms can often be classified as characteristics of any one without the disorder and can be a little difficult to diagnose without a professional trained in identifying the severity of symptoms. It has spread its roots further into our society as we become more educated about the condition. As a result, the number of adults facing this disorder is and will keep on increasing.

Apart from the treatments and therapies available, there’s another interesting, handy, pocket-friendly and easy to find option to help you with ADHD, which is fidget toys! Today various kinds of fidget toys can be easily found online and at nearby stores as well. These toys have been designed and created to help adults focus and concentrate better at work and can also be a great deal of help to keep stress at bay.

So, here is a list of ten amazing fidget toys for adults!

  1. Rubik’s Cube:
  • It is proven to better hand-eye coordination
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps one think faster
  • It is clinically proven to sharpen reflexes
  1. Fidget Spinner:
  • Renders instant stress relief
  • It is a discreet, handy and compact fidget toy
  • It also boosts memory
  • Enhances focus and creativity
  1. Flippy Chain:
  • It comes in a portable and handy design
  • It is tiny and fits in the pocket
  • Apt for silent fidgeting as all adults may like as well as heavy-duty fidgeting
  • With the material used for manufacturing, it is a durable fidget toy
  1. Fidget ball:
  • It is compact and handy; the diameter is only around one inch
  • An amazing tool for improving the dexterity of your fingers
  • Provides a relaxing sensory stimulation
  • It also reduces pain
  1. Fidget Cube:
  • It is a great option for providing relief from anxiety
  • Also keeps stress at bay
  • It’s a combination of various stress-relieving fidgeting tools on different faces
  • Apt for rotation, pressing buttons and discing up and down
  1. Fidget Pen:
  • You can simultaneously work and fidget without other employees or co-workers noticing
  • Multi fidgeting functions contained in a single package!
  • Has detachable and reconfigurable parts
  • Looks and works just like a regular pen

7. Infinite Bubble Wrap:

  • It is one of the best known stress and anxiety relievers
  • Pocket-friendly and satisfying to vent frustration
  • Reusable and doesn’t create wastage
  • Multi-purpose usage as it also acts as a keychain!
  1. Edamame Keychain:
  • One of the best stress ball toys
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Serves as both stress- reliever and keychain
  • Amazing substitute for stress balls
  1. Roller Chain:
  • Fits best for quiet fidgeting at workplace
  • For soft and comfortable fidgeting experience
  • Available in various vibrant colour options
  • Compact and fits around the top of your finger!
  1. Tangle Toys:
  • It has a sleek therapeutic design, works well for wellness of hand and mind
  • Fragments are attached with joints; they can all move and twist individually
  • Easy relieving tangling movement
  • It strengthens, restores and rehabilitates the finger and hand joints

These were just a few topping the list. There are a lot of other good fidgeting toys for adults available today such as tiny shift lever, begleri beads, magnetic modular pen, tiny sand garden to make patterns, moon drop desk fidget and some not-so-conventional options such as kinetic sand and slime. So, explore and choose the fidget toy that best busts the bubbles of stress hovering around you.

Now, fidget away under that conference table!

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