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“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”   

-Rob Liano

Academic Life Coaching

Academic Life Coaching Program

The Foundation of the Academic Life Coaching Program is to identify strategies to gain competencies in any educational setting and find success.  This is accomplished by establishing habit-building routines with customizable accountability plans in place, which is the goal of successful academic life coaching.

ADHD  Skills Quest:

Identify key areas to develop skills and external structures in the 8 areas of executive functions with strategies for each area.

Emotional Control: keep feelings in check and know triggers

Impulse Control:  think before acting

Flexible thinking: adjust to unexpected/ transitioning

Working Memory: keep information in mind to apply and follow through

Self-monitoring: self evaluation (tool) 

Planning & Prioritizing & Accountability:  (online and paper planner)

Task Initiation: take action and get started (procrastination tools)

Organizing & Time Management

Academic Recovery

This is an intensive high accountability focus for students that are at risk of being dismissed from college due to poor academic performance.

ADHD causes weakened executive function that is unique to each individual.  Emotional regulation can affect all other executive function areas making achieving goals nearly impossible.  Here we work on the above 8 areas but with more accountability and hands-on approach. It is more directive and clients need to be willing to work very closely with the coach having several check-ins through-out the week.

Coach will request a copy of the syllabi or client can provide access if possible to view grades.

Next Steps: Academics to Career

Career Path Discovery

Are you in college or a recent graduate and uncertain of what you need to do next?  This is very common for our clients. You may have been so focused on passing the next class and just getting good grades that you have lost site of what to do once you graduate.  Or you are just going into college and have only focused on getting your core classes out of the way and now need a focus for your career path.

Disrupt your negative thinking about yourself through powerful questions and reflections and explore possibilities.

Get ready to dive deep into what makes you unique and authentically perfect for an ideal career path.

This coaching option is a 5  50 minute session format  program that will walk you through your passion and purpose with activities and discussion to synthesize all of the information  into an individualized action plan working with a coach 1:1 through each stepSessions are conducted through Skype or Zoom.

You will also receive a free copy of my book Happiness + Passion + Purpose

Alternate DIY option:

Are you the type that just needs a gentle nudge and suggestion to get your ideas flowing? You don’t need the face to face accountability and enjoy self discovery? You are self motivated and can make decisions with the right information in front of you?

If this sounds like you, consider 

DIY Career Path Discovery

For the Do it yourself (DIY) person:  you can purchase my video webinar of the career path discovery program or academic life coaching and do the activities on your own. The life coaching program is a 2 part 8 video series where you can identify your truly authentic career and then move onto informational interviewing and  landing the job meant just for you. It is loaded with tips and strategies with a downloadable task completion booklet.

In this option you will receive a free hard copy of my book  Happiness + Passion + Purpose


DIY Career Path Discovery

$249 for the full 8 video access

Finding Your Dream Career

4 part video webinar $149

Landing Your Dream Career

4 part video webinar $149

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