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“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”   

-Rob Liano

Academic Life Coaching

Academic Life Coaching Program


The Foundation of the Academic Life Coaching Program is to identify strategies to gain competencies in any educational setting and find success.  This is accomplished by establishing habit-building routines with customizable accountability plans in place, which is the goal of successful academic life coaching.

Identify key areas to develop skills and external structures in the 8 areas of executive functions with strategies for each area.

    • Emotional Control: keep feelings in check and know triggers
    • Impulse Control:  think before acting
    • Flexible thinking: adjust to unexpected/ transitioning
    • Working Memory: keep information in mind to apply and follow-through
    • Self-monitoring: self-evaluation (tool) 
    • Planning & Prioritizing & Accountability:  (online and paper planner)
    • Task Initiation: take action and get started (procrastination tools)
    • Organizing & Time Management

Every academic coaching plan is highly personalized. Raz Academic Coaching is ideal for students who need a very high level of one-on-one support. Whether you are dealing with small challenges or need intense academic recovery support we will work together to design an action plan to meet your goals.

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