“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”   

-Rob Liano

Professional Career Coaching Program

The elements of my Professional Career Coaching Program start with your end goal in mind as an employer or employee with a plan to execute the next steps for:

  • Identified high-potential employees
  • Rising talent
  • 360 review feedback goals and areas of improvement
  • Interns and recent college graduates

Often, I work with a client that has the knowledge set to enter a new leadership role but may lack the confidence due to some weak executive functioning skills. So, we develop individualized plans and strategies to gain skills and feel confident with job demands. These areas include time management, organization, prioritization, and emotional regulation.

Executive Functioning Skill Coaching

Identify key areas within your work environment to develop skills and external structures in the 8 areas of executive functions with strategies for each area.

  • Emotional Control: keep feelings in check and know triggers
  • Impulse Control:  think before acting
  • Flexible thinking: adjust to unexpected/ transitioning
  • Working Memory: keep information in mind to apply and follow through
  • Self-monitoring: self-evaluation (tool)
  • Planning & Prioritizing & Accountability: (online and paper planner)
  • Task Initiation: take action and get started (procrastination tools)
  • Organizing & Time Management

Road Map to Your Success Coaching

Use our exclusive Raz Tool, S.W.O.P., to study your career goal.

SWOP your career options with a new career roadmap

1. Internal Analysis:

a) Strengths

b) Weaknesses

2. External Analyses

a) Opportunities

b) Potential Blocks

3. Create summary of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Potential Blocks

4. Show possible solutions to add to your personal career  road map 

We will walk through this process and identify the roadmap with solution possibilities for potential blocks working with the end goal in mind.

    Redefine Your Career Path Coaching

    Are you ready for a major change? Do you wonder what your next big move should be? Or are you just burned out with your current career situation? Ready to redefine your career path?

    Relaunching a career can be just what you need to give you revitalized purpose and drive in life.

    Through powerful questions and reflections  on past accomplishment you can explore new career possibilities  for you.

    Get ready to dive deep into what makes you unique and authentically perfect for the next  ideal career path.

    Interview Coaching

    If you have the right career path and all the tools in place to get the interview, but you are either out of practice or are unsure how to present yourself in an interview, this plan can be your best option.

    You and your coach will work through the tough questions that may be asked with strategies to work on.

    Topics covered:

    Potential interview questions

    Identify your challenges with possible solutions

    Practice tone, pitch and rate

    How do your present yourself at the interview?

    Pre and post interview tactics


    Happiness+Passion+Purpose – a step by step guide on how to nourish the patterns of your life into the job you will love and land it!