ADHD Life Coach Addiction Recovery Helps Find Your Special

It is not true that everyone is special. It is true that everyone was once special and still possesses the ability to recover it.  An ADHD life coach for addiction can help.

Addiction is a situation where both mind and body are suffering tremendously. So, it is  unrealistic to expect an addict to have the discipline and will to fight their drug addiction. They need external resources.

Addiction Life Coaching is a form of “Recovery Coaching”
  1. Support around recovery efforts
  2. Constant positive reinforcement
  3. Decision making guidance
  4. Life Style management

Studies show that recovery with the presence of a coach helps and a third person element that is neither too close to the addict nor a judgmental figure is best.   Coaches help  relearn and refocus the decision making impulses through structure and strategies.

People in recovery need  support from peers, family and society members  for remission.

A life coach helps bring all the pieces together with these benefits
  • Boosting inspiration to success
  • Managing day to day life stressors
  • Managing life style changes
  • Accountability to the recovery plan

A life coach sets the pattern for recovery and provides support along the way.

In this episode listen to Coach Raz get it all out there with an in depth talk and analysis.

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