“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”   

-Rob Liano

ADHD Life Coaching Program

“A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision will leave you uninspired. But a vision with a plan can guide your destiny to reality.” – Michelle

When you struggle with executive function challenges like the ones associated with ADHD, life coaching can help create structured actions that help you reach daily goals. Act without purpose, the lifestyle you are likely to create will be a wandering generality without achieving your true personal purpose in life. When you live on purpose, you become passionate about being alive. This is especially true for someone with ADHD challenges which life coaching can help.

With ADHD Life Coaching we look at what your passion and purpose are and what barriers are keeping you from reaching them.   

The focus is to improve key areas on a day-to-day basis within your personal life. You work within an atmosphere of trust and positivity to establish structure, habits and routines that foster a balanced life full of purpose and clarity.

These are specific areas that are often integrated into our life coaching program.

Day-to-day home-life management

This can entail completing tasks, keeping organized and finishing home projects.

Wellness: Diet and Exercise

Do you have good intentions of eating well and exercising regularly but get easily distracted and derailed from what you KNOW that you should do? We can develop a routine and structure to make it happen with accountability around it

Interpersonal Skills

Would you like to work on how you interact and communicate with others at home and work? We can work on social cues and role play to practice triggers.


Are you working in a program and need guidance to stay true to the advice and rules? We can create an accountability protocol to help you in your recovery goals and guidelines

Financial Responsibility

Would you like to create and stay on a budget, but find impulsive buying and lack of accountability keeps you from ever sticking to it? Setting up a plan and sticking to it can happen with the accountability and guidance of a life coach.

Daily Executive Function Skills Quest

Identify key areas like the examples above to develop skills and external structures in the 8 areas of executive functions with strategies for each area.


  • Emotional Control: keep feelings in check and know triggers
  • Impulse Control:  think before acting
  • Flexible thinkingadjust to unexpected/ transitioning
  • Working Memory: keep information in mind to apply and follow through
  • Self-monitoring: self evaluation (tool)
  • Planning & Prioritizing & Accountability:  (online and paper planner)
  • Task Initiation: take action and get started (procrastination tools)
  • Organizing & Time Management


  • Visualize:   Illustrate, write or verbalize the desired end dream and goals. open the pathway to flexible thinking and stimulate creative thinking processes. People with executive function challenges often have rigid and inflexible thinking. These let’s explore the “what ifs” and possibilities without getting into old thinking patterns.  
  • Objective: Set the NEXT Objective: This is a mini goal that leads you to your long-term goal.
  • Take Appropriate Action: Create action steps to get to your end goal.
  • Succeed in this Dream Goal

To get to Your Personal Success, you have a coach to guide you to your DREAM through

D dedication

R responsibility

E education

A attitude

M motivation


Change creates fear of the unknown for many, but I am here to walk beside you. By the very definition of a coach, I am a change agent. The process of creating a career and life is a self-discovery journey with many elements to consider to find your creative resourceful whole self. I have re-invented myself several times over the years and each endeavor brought thrill, excitement, worries and doubt AND amazing life experiences along the way. I look forward to working with you in your journey to discover the path that works for you! ~Michelle


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