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Greta Thunberg: When A Disability is a Super Power Gift

When Greta Thunberg Boldly confronted the world she said she has tapped into her Super Power gift that being on the spectrum has given her.  ADHD shares some traits of Aspergers such as a lack of inhibition.  It just might help you stand out from the crowd and show your leadership strengths when combined with a deep passion and support from resources to help convey your message. Please go to for free downloads of my podcasts!

Use Your ADHD Challenges to Enhance Your Career

Your Challenges Are The Key To Enhancing Your Career

When you feel like you’re grinding through your life, faced with challenges that seem to go on and on and you wonder what good could ever come of them.  You may think your challenges are the universe testing you for some unimaginable reason, but I know you can draw on them to substantially enhance not only your career but all of your life.

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Absenteeism, Interpersonal Conflict and Transitioning at Work or College

Special career or academic challenges that someone diagnosed with ADHD might face such as absenteeism, interpersonal conflict and transitioning.

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Organization Tips: 10 Steps to Get Your Space Organized

Get Some Organization in Your Life

How much time do you waste looking for something in your office or room? Have you been late because you just couldn’t find what you needed when you KNOW it is in “THERE” somewhere? How I got my MESSY ADHD Daughter to get organized and clean her room. AND this will for YOU … desk, office, room or house!

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Using Technology to Save Money When You Struggle with ADHD

In the episode we talk about using technology, your new best friend, to help you save money when you have those impulsive shopping moments associated with ADHD.  Use technology to enhance your life financially.   Find downloads for all of my podcasts at or follow me on instagram

The ADHD Procrastinator

ADHD brings a host of struggles and one of them is being a procrastinator:   The end result? STRESS and a lot of REACTIVE Behavior. In this episode we are going to discuss how you can set up yourself for success by being PROACTIVE with key areas of weaknesses.

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