Using Technology to Save Money When You Struggle with ADHD

In the episode we talk about using technology, your new best friend, to help you save money when you have those impulsive shopping moments associated with ADHD.  Use technology to enhance your life financially.   Find downloads for all of my podcasts at or follow me on instagram

The ADHD Procrastinator

ADHD brings a host of struggles and one of them is being a procrastinator:   The end result? STRESS and a lot of REACTIVE Behavior. In this episode we are going to discuss how you can set up yourself for success by being PROACTIVE with key areas of weaknesses.

For a download of the worksheet that goes with this episode click HERE

ADHD Coach Michelle Raz interviewed on

ADHD Coach Michelle Raz interviewed on


ADHD Coach Michelle Raz in this interview by Stephan Wiedner  on   which is a coaching site.  She explains how she works individually with clients.    She discusses her specialized coaching program and you can listen to the interview.  Contact her directly at [email protected] for a free consult.  Or visit for more free guides and tips.