You are unrepeatable
There is a magic about you
That is all your own” -D.M. Dell


5 Online School Survival Tips

5 Online School Survival Tip We are in some really challenging times. The way we go about our life is changing minute by minute. Are you finding yourself in new roles? You might have just become a teacher or an academic coach and a home health care...

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Coronavirus Pandemic: ADHD Perspective

Coronavirus Pandemic: ADHD Perspective Can Your ADHD hyper-focus help in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic? We really need all the creatives and out of the box thinkers right now. As I went to the grocery store yesterday, I noticed that the...

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Your Career Blueprint

Your Career Blueprint Begins With Your Passion and Purpose Passion and Purpose is The  Key To Building A Resume And Career Path Live by your purpose and you will create an inner drive and passion to culminate  a life and career path uniquely...

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ADHD Genetics: Passing it On

Can ADHD Be In Our Genetics? The real answer to “What’s going on?” …. “EVERYTHING!!!.... ALL THE TIME.  The Struggle Is Real” #ADHD A client recently asked what causes ADHD. Pointing the finger at bad behavior is common in households raising...

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For The Mind, Body & Soul: Get Outside!

Your ADHD  Mind, Body & Soul Needs You To Get Outside! Spring is around the corner and is the perfect time for exploring the great outdoors; camping, swimming, running or any sport that gets you outside.   Make this season the most by using...

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Personal Purpose In Your Life: Steps

Personal Purpose Andrew Carnegie talked about his purpose and goals he set in his life. “I am going to spend the first 40 years of my life creating a fortune and the second 40 years giving it all away.”  He developed the mindset to reach his goals...

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Disability Accommodations At Work

  Disability Accommodations Employers Can Implement and retain their employees Promote Self Advocacy on the job Executive Function Challenges are associated with many disabilities. ADHD is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities...

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The Neuro Diverse Employee

Neuro Diverse Employee Training   Part II It is a common trait for neuro-diverse people to be employed in part-time work.  They may have low pay jobs that lead to low disposable income and poor job stability. It is affecting our workplace in a big...

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