You are unrepeatable
There is a magic about you
That is all your own” -D.M. Dell


5 Steps Into a New You for 2020

5 Steps Into a New You The ancestor of every action is a thought.   ---Ralph Waldo Emerson When you struggle with executive function challenges such as ADD, thoughts can be frantic, unbridled and elusive.  Do you laugh at people who ask you what...

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Presence: Best Gift to Give!

Give the gift of presence this holiday.  It is what makes for lasting memories as the gift that truly keeps giving! Practicing “Mindfulness” as the Key to a Peaceful Holiday Season “The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When...

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Coming Home For The Holidays!

Coming Home for the Holidays! The holidays are approaching and I am so excited to see my college kids! Well, sort of.   We have gotten used to a routine without them and honestly a much cleaner house. Do you have this kind of conflicted tug on your...

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When ADHD Becomes an Excuse

When ADHD Becomes an Excuse Has this ever happened to you? You are on the phone talking to your spouse and you stop mid-sentence and start to look for your phone to see if you have a text message. You panic while you are still in conversation and...

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My Story My Purpose My Drive

I want to share with you my personal story of how I became an ADHD coach My daughter is the story behind my story, my purpose and my drive to be an  ADHD coach.  She  was in fifth grade and we had been traveling in South America for four months...

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What do ADHD Medications Do Anyway?

What does ADHD medication do? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD medications are effective in treating the symptoms of ADHD in the majority of children as well as adults. Medical research shows that medication is the preferred...

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Are ADHD Meds Stimulants?

Are ADHD Meds Stimulants? Yes and No. Not all ADHD medications are stimulants, but the vast majority of prescriptions are for stimulants. So, let’s dig in a bit to understand them. For most people dealing with ADHD, stimulant medications are...

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