You are unrepeatable
There is a magic about you
That is all your own” -D.M. Dell


The ultimate goal of ADHD career coaching ADHD Career Coaching Finding a Perfect Career Match when you have ADHD The ultimate goal of career coaching is about finding the perfect career match to help you discover your hidden capabilities and talents. Career coaches work with...

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ADHD: Exactly What is a Strength?

Here is an interview ADHD Coach Michelle Raz did with Jeff Copper at Attention Talk Radio.  Here she discusses how you can find you ADHD strength to ready yourself for a career path that is meant just for you while answering "What is a strength?" As aired on Attention...

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Career Coaching Webinar with Edge Foundation

Got ADHD and Struggling with your career path? IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY TO FIND YOUR DREAM CAREER! Wondering how to find the right career for you? Struggling with a college direction? Graduating college and don’t know what's next? Then this course is especially for YOU!...

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