If Career Opportunities Are Everywhere, Why Can’t I Find Mine?

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” – Katherine Whitehorn

You’ve heard it so often, it surfaces in your dreams.

“Career opportunities are everywhere!”

Find jobPeople you know are landing their dream jobs, seemingly without effort. You want to scream. Because you just can’t seem to figure out what the right career fit would be for you.

Your first choice seems unrealistic. You discard the next set of jobs that catch your attention: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! Until your head swims and you can’t even begin to figure out what a right choice would be.

“Everywhere, yeah….right…,” you mumble.

Except, it’s true. Opportunities really are everywhere.

So how do you find the ones that would fit you best?

You Can Find Them, You Just Haven’t Been Told How

The advice to find what you love to do, then pursue it as a career, is right on the money. Yet unless you take some time to assess yourself, draw on your life experiences, and mine your life challenges for the treasure they contain, getting a holistic picture of what you love to do – and therefore an accurate idea of your ideal career – will be elusive.

If it’s not simply a matter of sitting yourself down for a few minutes and thinking “Yeah, this is what I really love.” Although that’s a great way to start! (And quick, write it down!)

All of the experiences throughout your life contain clues to identifying a career that’s right for you; one that speaks to your passion, in which you feel fulfilled, and that has the potential to be the one where you really do feel blessed to get paid doing what you adore.

It’s just a matter of unearthing those clues then weaving them together to create a vision of your ideal career.

When you unpack the box of expectations you grew up with, and examine insightful connections between your values, personality, strengths, dreams, and goals, you will soon begin to see a pattern formed by all the pieces of yourself. That pattern points to the career that best fits you.

The Compelling Questions Nobody Tells You To Ask

Your first step is to discover your life purpose, because doing so will help you get very clear about your goal: your ideal profession.

When you know your purpose, you can then become very deliberate about your plan to reach your goal. When you live with purpose, you become passionate about living. You are in touch with your drives, and passions; the purpose you’ve chosen keeps you focused and motivated. Creating this personal purpose is the first step in making the most of your life.

Conversely, when you act without purpose, you risk being reactive—you’re responding to events around you instead of being a proactive decision-maker, which makes it very difficult to achieve your goal.

In my book Happiness, Passion, and Purpose, I share the real-life stories of several of my clients and how they each were able to discover their deeply held life purpose. We started with a self-assessment exercise in which they asked themselves questions such as:

·               What motivates me in life?

·               What have I wanted, but never gotten, in life?

·               What energizes me? How?

·               What brings me the most joy? Why?

·               What are my biggest interests?

Like your fingerprints, the answers to these questions will be unique to you. Notice how the questions go much broader and deeper than simply asking “What do I like to do?”. They’re designed to tap into your most dearly held qualities and talents and unearth the self-knowledge we aren’t traditionally encouraged to consider in our career development.

The Statement That Will Change Your Life

Your next step is to turn this knowledge into a statement of purpose for your life. The range of possible answers is infinite, but here are some examples:

·               My purpose in life is to help people look and feel their best.

·               My purpose in life is to empower others through education.

·               My purpose in life is to care for the sick.

·               My purpose in life is to become an artist whose work moves people.

·               My purpose in life is to change laws and policies to create a better world.

Take your time with this exercise. It’s not meant to be knocked off in a couple of hours; rather, set aside some time every day for at least a few weeks, so you have the opportunity to go deep and discover what your true purpose is. Sometimes it takes a little while to move past the expectations and conditioning that were drilled into you and which may be holding you back.

You’ll Recognize The Opportunities

I often tell clients that I gain as much from coaching them as they gain from me. Helping people find solutions to their career development challenges is my personal purpose—the mission that fulfills me. But I wasn’t always aware of this profession. I went on my own journey of self-discovery, just like I encourage you to do.

Because when you start your career exploration journey, you’ll start to recognize the bounty of opportunities that truly are all around you. You’ll thrill to your discoveries as you get clearer and clearer about your life purpose, and match your purpose with an ideal career. Finally!

It all starts with you taking these first steps. You can do this by deciding right now to invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

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