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Wondering how to find the right career path for you?


Struggling with a college direction?

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”

– Henry David Thoreau

A Career Exploration Webinar Course

Take a life-changing journey with Coach Michelle Raz to discover your life’s passion and career aspirations in this 4 session interactive webinar course.


During this 4-session course, you will:

► Pursue your educational or career dream in a step-by-step, interactive process

► Identify your key strengths, talents and desires and how they relate to your chosen career path

► Explore a career that combines your interests, accomplishments, skills, aptitudes, dreams and values



 “I find immense satisfaction seeing clients empowered and dreaming of life possibilities…..” 

– Coach Michelle Raz

Webinar Course Topics


Session 1: Career Development and early career dreams and interests

Session 2: Identify your skills, accomplishments and aptitudes

Session 3: How your personality traits, work and leisure values factor into career choices

Session 4:  Identify your challenges and possibilities to overcome them.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Exploration Webinar Course about?

This career exploration webinar course concentrates on looking into one’s strength, interests, personality, aptitude and creating strategies to overcome any obstacles related to executive functioning deficits that may keep one from pursuing their dreams in a particular career.

How can this class help me?

If you are struggling with deciding what career is best for you or how to incorporate your best strengths into a career, this will help you to reach your own potential in a given career.

What types of things will participants be working on?
  • Career Development and early career dreams and interest
  • Skills, accomplishment and aptitude
  • How personality traits factor into career choices
  • Prioritizing work and leisure values
Is this class for students in college?

Yes, this is an excellent course to identify your strengths, interests and pathway to your dream career. Or make sure you are on the right track and what steps to take next.

What about adults taking this class who are in the work place?

This would be a good course for adults who are feeling that they may need a change of career to redefine themselves or find a new passion that better aligns with their interests, skills and lifestyle. We will be offering a class geared towards this type of client in the near future.