Five Self-Care Practices to Improve Overall Mental Wellness 

Besides your typical sleep, exercise, and diet routine, here are five self-care practices I promote with my clients. In order for us to actually hold ourselves accountable, we first turn them into accountability goals so that we can check in and measure how we are doing. When we set goals, it’s often in the follow-through when we fall apart, so having an accountability partner is very useful.

Five Self-Care practices to improve your Overall Mental Wellness 

Create Quiet Moments 

Stop the noise in your day and reflect or meditate in a consistent way. It is recommended to do it in the morning so it sets you up for success and keeps you in the flow for the rest of the day. 

Incorporate Transition Times 

Incorporate transition times, especially for those working remotely, when you have back-to-back meetings or Zoom calls, to build in some transition time from one task to another. The purpose is not to take away from the momentum of the day but actually to streamline it, so that you can reset. Instead of coming in hot from whatever was going on in your previous meeting or task you were working on, you want to end that and take a breath for yourself. This will allow you to be more present in the next meeting or task going forward. 

Reflect by Journaling 

Journaling provides an opportunity to think through what worked and what didn’t work for you on a given day and express your emotions; how you felt. By writing it down, your journal becomes the place where it compartmentalizes so you can let it go. If you can journal three to four times a week, you will find yourself in much better mental health. 

Train Your Brain to Relax 3-second Exercise

Another useful practice is to notify your brain that it’s time to relax when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Throughout the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed or that sense of frustration growing, stop and use a 3- second technique to trigger you to relax, to let it go. 

A simple 3-second exercise, a countdown from three- two- one. 

Stop what you are doing. Start from the top of your head and work your way down to just let it go as you countdown three, two, one. By the time you get to one, let your brain take a rest before you re-engage in whatever you’re doing at that particular moment. This is a little bit different than using a transition time between calls or tasks, this is a technique to use in the spur of the moment. 

Change the Perception of Your Work 

“Love is the reality of your work”. When you have the idea that the work that you do is difficult, that it’s something that has to get done, that it’s a task, it can set you up for a lot of undue stress and pressure. By changing your perception, by feeling love while performing those menial tasks, you change how you feel. The perception of the work turns to more of a “work of love or love of work”, to feel pride and enjoyment in what you do. When the perception of your work changes it can also create more happiness and a sense of fulfillment. This has a direct relation to your mental health on a daily basis and helps you keep a positive attitude and mindset. 

These five strategies will help you improve your overall mental wellness and stay in a positive mental framework so that you can handle all of the stressors as you accomplish different tasks and overcome challenges throughout the day.

Michelle Raz, is a career specialist & coach, owner of, author of Happiness+Passion+Purpose and Co-founder of, an academic coaching company for high school and college students. As a Board-Certified Coach, she uses her expertise with executive functioning challenges to help people find their purpose and success in the workplace through the lens of ADHD. She has been contributing her knowledge and expertise in this field since 2010.

Emotional Regulation: Help students manage overwhelm

Emotional Regulation: Help students manage overwhelm

Emotional Regulation: Help students manage overwhelm so they can get work done!   (Free download link below)

some days can be hard to ‘show” up

For the students that I work with “some days” often can turn into “many days”.

Today’s focus is on self-management – the ability to control emotions as it relates to academic success.  

Parents hire me to help improve their student’s executive function skills so they can get their work done.

BUT most of the time they’re stuck on emotional issues that turn into roadblocks

Those roadblocks get in the way of any action steps that we create —-it really hinders potential success.

I look at emotional regulation as the umbrella to addressing all other executive function challenges.

It almost always has to be addressed first before change can really take place! 

You need a strategy.

Board Certified Coach, Michelle Raz shares her strategies and stories of success.

Click for Free PDF Download of the strategies she discusses.



Disrupt Your Career with This Course

Disrupt Your Career with This Course

What is Career Exploration Webinar Course about?

This Disrupt Your Career Exploration Webinar course concentrates on looking into one’s strength, interests, personality, aptitude and creating strategies to overcome any obstacles related to executive functioning deficits that may keep one from pursuing their dreams in a particular career.

How can this class help me?

If you are struggling with deciding what career is best for you or how to incorporate your best strengths into a career, this will help you to reach your own potential in a given career.

Who is this class geared toward?

This is course is best for a college student or recent graduate. High school students who are looking at which major to declare will find this beneficial as well.

What types of things will I be working on?

  • Career Development and early career dreams and interest
  • Skills, accomplishment and aptitude
  • How personality traits factor into career choices
  • Prioritizing work and leisure values
  • Personal challenges and possibilities to overcome them

Is this class for graduating seniors in high school or younger?

Yes, if they are contemplating which major to pursue or career path

Is this class for students in college?

Yes, this is an excellent course to identify your strengths, interests and pathway to your dream career. Or make sure you are on the right track and what steps to take next.

What about adults taking this class who are in the workplace?

This would be a good course for adults who are feeling that they may need a change of career to redefine themselves or find a new passion that better aligns with their interests, skills and lifestyle. We will be offering a class geared towards this type of client in the near future.


Disrupt Your Career


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Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions

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Online School Questions Answered

Online School Questions Answered

3 Online School Questions Answered

Welcome to the ADHD strategist where we come together to talk about living with ADHD. We are here to discuss the challenges and applying strategies that we face living with the disorder in ourselves or our family and how to stay in control with our lives. I

Online schooling can be great because you can work at your own pace but it can also be difficult when you’re needing extra support or you’re needing to make sure that you’re getting things done for accountability. I have three questions today that I’ve been asked recently that I want to share with you and I hope that I’ll help you and your experience with this online schooling.

1. Do I need to enforce where
my student studies?

2. My student takes forever
to do their work,
is there something I can do
to help them be faster?

3. My student gets frustrated
so easily and gives up before
he/she can get help,
what can I do?

If you have more questions and you are still stuck and you can’t find the answers on my website with some of the articles I’ve written, try my Ask Raz! app on my website where I answer relevant ADHD and executive function questions. Thanks for listening today. or where I offer daily motivation tips advice and humor.