Career Coaching offers incredible benefits

“No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”   

-Rob Liano

Coaching Services

Career Coaching offers incredible benefits both on the individual level and in the business environment. Coach Raz helps individuals who may be feeling stuck and want to redefine themselves. Businesses can likewise benefit from enlisting the services of a Career Coach to inspire their team to perform optimally. Explore more about the services for individuals and businesses:

One-on-One Coaching

Create A Career You Are Passionate About!

Career and life coaching by Coach Raz concentrates on creating strategies to:
Overcome obstacles that may keep one from pursuing their dreams in a particular field
They may feel burned out in their current career field and want a change.

Help you recognize your value as a professional
The reason why career coaching is a vital part for a college student is to help a student identify their strengths as well as weaknesses, both as a professional and as an individual. Knowing your worth as a professional will help you tremendously. Career coaches who work with students making the transition from college to the workforce are all too aware of the need for training and information that is up-to-date, comprehensive and practical.

They help you establish a career path; not just a job
They are trained to first get to know you as individual and later on as a professional. A career coach is there to take your personality, qualifications, and passions, then help you to find a career that is challenging, promising, and fulfilling.

Build your confidence in your career and yourself
In order to build up a successful career, you absolutely must have confidence in yourself and your abilities, which is why recognizing your value so crucial in your career. By hiring a career coach, you’re able to get an outsider’s perspective on how and why you stand out from your peers and on what basis and reasons you should opt for a profession.

Keep you accountable and motivated
Like a good personal trainer, a good career coach wants you to reach your full potential and attain your goals when you have your whole career to build up ahead. Therefore, a career coach will be there to motivate you, track your progress, and check in on you to ensure that you’re doing what you should be doing to get where you want and need to be in your career and so on. By having that accountability, you are less likely to stray from your intended career path and more likely to work harder to reach your intended goals.

Help you navigate through difficult career decisions
It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter at least one major difficult situation in your career and want someone trustworthy to help you navigate through the decision-making process. No one can do this job better than a career coach. A career coach will have your best interests in mind. A career coach will listen and observe what you have to say and customize their approach the individual client’s needs, and explore solutions and strategies to move you forward.

Business Coaching

Why hire a Career Coach for your company?

Coaching for business clients will ignite their passion and motivation in their career through an investigative and quantifiable individualized process, which includes behavioral skills training, and process strategy.  We take a look at your company’s vision, mission, and values and align individual’s talents with the company’s goals. The outcome goal to develop and individual’s potential within an organization will bottom line for the company’s growth plan in a positive financial way.

This style promotes employee retention and develops high potential talent. If the client is highly motivated to change and has a fierce desire to learn and grow, then coaching can help fulfill work and life purpose and become a better leader.

As your coach, I will challenge you and act as a catalyst toward change that will create exponential growth as a leader. My commitment to developing trust is at the top of my list as I believe it is important to have someone you can fully trust and can open up with to gain the most growth as an individual. As a team of coach and client we work together to explore the infinite possibilities and keep opening up possible perspectives so you can choose for yourself the path of success for your business.

Here are some examples of coaching for a business environment:

*Career Goal setting and Professional development
*Interpersonal Skills and organizational dynamics
* Conflict resolution and listening skills
*Work Habits to promote high achievers
* Identify and build on strengths
* Re-energize through Passion and Motivation
* Self disciplined and Rewards
* Project and meeting time management
* Delegation of authority to promote teamwork
* Holistic approach to Diet/exercise and sleep and work
* Stress management techniques
* Enhance mentoring and leadership skills
*Procrastination and self-control
*Life/work balance to promote space for ingenuity and creativity