Covid and College Challenges

College time may be fun and exciting.  But it also has a fair share of challenges especially now that Covid-19 has affected everything including education

Becoming a college freshman is a big step to young adulthood. It is the most awaited time for students to finally have their freedom, freedom from home, freedom from their parents’ rules, and freedom from high school.  Entering college is a new era of making friends and opening up themselves to the excitement and fear that goes along with it.

Adapting to the new normal things has never been easy. Let’s discuss some of the possible challenges that you may encounter along your college journey. What possible solutions can you do to still create memories?

Now that the COVID 19 has turned the world upside down and schools have transitioned to online learning, you might feel that you’re still stuck to where you are before, you still live in the same house as your parents and you still have to follow their rules. You can think of it that way, but you can make it the best time to learn more about what you can improve and develop in yourself. Leaving home can be pretty exciting but being ready before leaving is another level.

Can you cite other examples of Covid and College Challenges you might encounter in your first year as college students that are not listed above? I’m here to listen, Ask Raz! Leave me a message. Just click the link:
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