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-Rob Liano

Executive Functioning Coaching

DO  you seem to have a never-ending cycle of distraction upon distraction?

Do you cringe at the first mention of words like “planning” and “scheduling”?

Find the power of structure, routines and motivation for this change for a neuro-diverse mind with Executive Function coaching.   It is a great resource for anyone who feels they could be more efficient and successful on a daily basis.  Or for someone who feels they are not living up to their promises and potential due to disorganization and time management issues. 

It is an excellent management system; especially if used in conjunction with medication, counseling and other support systems. 

Here are a few tools that are implemented with executive functioning coaching:

Planners and Time Management

A specialized day planner can affect the way your days and time is managed. If you really follow what you jotted down, through an accountability plan with your coach, you can take control and make daily functioning more purposeful. This is an excellent way to keep you on time and on track with accountability.

Focusing Habits

This is probably the toughest department for someone with the inability to focus for a substantial length of time. Some excellent tips for focusing that a coach can help create accountability around:

  • Break time into small sessions that aren’t as daunting 
  • Start with the most boring or interesting subject based on your tolerance.
  • Use color coding, filing and sticky notes to make dull subjects more interesting and colorful.
  • Design and make your study space more interesting more interactive.

External Accountability System

 Now, why should all of this require an Executive Function Coach? Why not just download all the information, dos and don’ts and get to work yourself? Having a non-judgmental accountability system makes the relationship between your Executive Function coach and you more effective. You have the ship, the wind and the open sea! 

What you need is a navigator and your coach will be just that.

Why coaching works? 

It creates a working relationship that is individualized.  A coach will guide you to build a system around your comforts, strengths and weaknesses. This will make you more organized, focused and capable of decision-making. 

The great thing about this relationship is that it is flexible and it evolves, grows and changes with the individual and their coach.

With motivation and a desire to work towards a better life , coaching will lead you to feel in control, balanced and  less overwhelmed by day to day tasks.

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