Personal Purpose

Andrew Carnegie talked about his purpose and goals he set in his life. “I am going to spend the first 40 years of my life creating a fortune and the second 40 years giving it all away.”  He developed the mindset to reach his goals with this statement.

Act without purpose, the lifestyle you are likely to create will be a wandering generality without achieving your true personal purpose in life.

When you live on purpose, you become passionate about being alive.

It starts with repeated thoughts of your dreams of who are and want to be that generate action. When these thoughts permeate your mind enough, they become programmed into your behavior.

To live with a personal purpose in life, begin by programming your unconscious mind.   A truly useful lifestyle focuses on the largest purpose you can realistically attain.

Have you defined your own personal purpose? If so, great!  Please share your story with me of how you did it through my many posts on Instagram @razcoaching.   If not, read on for some helpful steps.
Here are a few questions to get started towards defining your personal purpose in life. Take the time to write these down in a journal.
  • motivates me in life?
  • wanted but never got in life?
  • energizes me?
  • Brings me the most joy?
  • Are my biggest interests?
  • Do you REALLY REALLY want in life?
Example answers could look like this:
My purpose is in life is to….
  •  serve the public
  • teach others
  • make enough money to retire at 40
  • help people find their passionate career
Having difficulty deciding what your life purpose is?  Think about answering these questions:
  1. If you have 6 months to live, what would you want to do?
  2. What would you do f you were not responsible for anyone but yourself?
  3. If you were to die today, what would you want your obituary to say?


I have been asked if I had found MY true personal purpose.   That is a fair question. I pondered this question as I created the curriculum for my mini career exploration course.   In this 4 course series, I exuberantly inspire other people to find their passion in life and work.

To answer the question, I had to pause and check-in with my inner voice.  The reaction is an affirmative and enthusiastic YES!

My journey in life has weaved a perfect pattern that I can confidently go in the direction of coaching others to chase their passion, interests and aspirations.  My own “can-do attitude” throughout my life has been an inspiration for many people.  This influences my coaching style.

I found myself in a position many times giving people advice and encouragement.  People did not see their own gifts, yet it appeared so evident to me.  Many struggled to understand the stepping-stones to their dreams when I saw several different ways they could achieve it.  It could be frustrating when others could not see the path to achieving their goals.

There was a time that I thought it best to keep my own thoughts and opinions to myself as I was fearful that I was coming across as a know it all or bossy friend.  As I look back, I am glad I did not give up on my personal purpose.

Through this journey, I found that my tendency to see the big picture and help people push through their obstacles just what coaching was about. When I realized that I did not OWN their failure or success but was a mere vehicle for their own self-discovery, my pathway to becoming a coach was set.

By learning how to ask the right questions, it inspired people to self-realize their strengths and potential.   It fueled them to seek their own path,  creating a passionate and authentic life.  This was when my belief patterns shifted from one of responsibility to one of enlightenment.

I often tell clients that I learn just as much from them as them from me.

Their stories and insights leave me in reflection after each session.  I have a custom of debriefing myself after each session to see what I take away from the session to add to my self-awareness and growth.  It is a profession that is constantly changing with new insights and techniques. I fully embrace my career path and walk away energized at the end of most sessions.  This is how I know that I have found my true authentic, passionate career and life purpose.

What can you envision for yourself?  What would leave you energized and fulfilled at the end of each day?

Be sure to complete the questions and answers to begin to see your own weave in life that points to your personal purpose.

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