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3 Online School Questions Answered

Welcome to the ADHD strategist where we come together to talk about living with ADHD. We are here to discuss the challenges and applying strategies that we face living with the disorder in ourselves or our family and how to stay in control with our lives. I

Online schooling can be great because you can work at your own pace but it can also be difficult when you’re needing extra support or you’re needing to make sure that you’re getting things done for accountability. I have three questions today that I’ve been asked recently that I want to share with you and I hope that I’ll help you and your experience with this online schooling.

1. Do I need to enforce where
my student studies?

2. My student takes forever
to do their work,
is there something I can do
to help them be faster?

3. My student gets frustrated
so easily and gives up before
he/she can get help,
what can I do?

If you have more questions and you are still stuck and you can’t find the answers on my website with some of the articles I’ve written, try my Ask Raz! app on my website where I answer relevant ADHD and executive function questions. Thanks for listening today. or where I offer daily motivation tips advice and humor.

You Do You and Be A Frootloop

You Do You!

Embrace all of what makes you unique and go with it.
It is precisely this mentality that will allow you to excel and shine in this very competitive world.

But HOW? It is so hard when my whole life I have been told to act a certain way or do a certain thing.

Go on a mental journey to when you were young enough to not care what you did or how you acted and get in touch with what your innate interests and personality was like then.

Often you here people refer to successful people like this….
”They always were doing ________ .
From a young age they had ___________interests.
Fill in the blank with what that was for you!

For me, you could find me wandering around our blackberry infested backyard eating the plump fruit while building intricate villages out of random sticks, leaves and insects I found.
I was building my world and creating for hours.
I still have this desire to create and be in touch with nature and incorporate it into my work.
What about you? What makes you wonderfully different?
You Do You

Be A Frootloop in a bowl of Cheerios!

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Personal Purpose In Your Life: Steps

Personal Purpose In Your Life: Steps

Personal Purpose

Andrew Carnegie talked about his purpose and goals he set in his life. “I am going to spend the first 40 years of my life creating a fortune and the second 40 years giving it all away.”  He developed the mindset to reach his goals with this statement.

Act without purpose, the lifestyle you are likely to create will be a wandering generality without achieving your true personal purpose in life.

When you live on purpose, you become passionate about being alive.

It starts with repeated thoughts of your dreams of who are and want to be that generate action. When these thoughts permeate your mind enough, they become programmed into your behavior.

To live with a personal purpose in life, begin by programming your unconscious mind.   A truly useful lifestyle focuses on the largest purpose you can realistically attain.

Have you defined your own personal purpose? If so, great!  Please share your story with me of how you did it through my many posts on Instagram @razcoaching.   If not, read on for some helpful steps.
Here are a few questions to get started towards defining your personal purpose in life. Take the time to write these down in a journal.
  • motivates me in life?
  • wanted but never got in life?
  • energizes me?
  • Brings me the most joy?
  • Are my biggest interests?
  • Do you REALLY REALLY want in life?
Example answers could look like this:
My purpose is in life is to….
  •  serve the public
  • teach others
  • make enough money to retire at 40
  • help people find their passionate career
Having difficulty deciding what your life purpose is?  Think about answering these questions:
  1. If you have 6 months to live, what would you want to do?
  2. What would you do f you were not responsible for anyone but yourself?
  3. If you were to die today, what would you want your obituary to say?


I have been asked if I had found MY true personal purpose.   That is a fair question. I pondered this question as I created the curriculum for my mini career exploration course.   In this 4 course series, I exuberantly inspire other people to find their passion in life and work.

To answer the question, I had to pause and check-in with my inner voice.  The reaction is an affirmative and enthusiastic YES!

My journey in life has weaved a perfect pattern that I can confidently go in the direction of coaching others to chase their passion, interests and aspirations.  My own “can-do attitude” throughout my life has been an inspiration for many people.  This influences my coaching style.

I found myself in a position many times giving people advice and encouragement.  People did not see their own gifts, yet it appeared so evident to me.  Many struggled to understand the stepping-stones to their dreams when I saw several different ways they could achieve it.  It could be frustrating when others could not see the path to achieving their goals.

There was a time that I thought it best to keep my own thoughts and opinions to myself as I was fearful that I was coming across as a know it all or bossy friend.  As I look back, I am glad I did not give up on my personal purpose.

Through this journey, I found that my tendency to see the big picture and help people push through their obstacles just what coaching was about. When I realized that I did not OWN their failure or success but was a mere vehicle for their own self-discovery, my pathway to becoming a coach was set.

By learning how to ask the right questions, it inspired people to self-realize their strengths and potential.   It fueled them to seek their own path,  creating a passionate and authentic life.  This was when my belief patterns shifted from one of responsibility to one of enlightenment.

I often tell clients that I learn just as much from them as them from me.

Their stories and insights leave me in reflection after each session.  I have a custom of debriefing myself after each session to see what I take away from the session to add to my self-awareness and growth.  It is a profession that is constantly changing with new insights and techniques. I fully embrace my career path and walk away energized at the end of most sessions.  This is how I know that I have found my true authentic, passionate career and life purpose.

What can you envision for yourself?  What would leave you energized and fulfilled at the end of each day?

Be sure to complete the questions and answers to begin to see your own weave in life that points to your personal purpose.

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5 Steps to a New You

In this episode, Michelle discusses 5 steps to a new you with ways to sustain them throughout the year.

The ancestor of every action is a thought.

When you struggle with executive function challenges such as ADD, thoughts can be frantic, unbridled and elusive.  You may laugh at people who ask you what your New Year’s Resolution is each year.   You don’t “play that game” since you know all too well that it could not be a sustained change.   You may even think you thrive on your ability to switch topics and focus so quickly. This can lead you to accept your short-term goals and live life by the moment with no long-term goals.   Yet, many have a deep yearning for more in their life, but they don’t know how to go about seeking lasting change.

Michelle recognizes how difficult it is for people to sustain change but shows you the way that is possible with consistently sustained effort and most importantly accountability.

Real inner change and paradigm shifts come from a deep burning desire that aligns with your core values.
To learn more go to and download the worksheet that goes with this episode. The 5 Steps To A New You.
Is life coaching worth it?

Is life coaching worth it?

You understand what life coaching is, and you are undergoing the problems that a life coach can assist you with at the moment. But is life coaching worth it? Is it worth investing your time and money?

Studies conducted by the International Coach Federation in 1998 and 2009 points out several ways customers have discovered coaching to be useful to their lives.

–    Enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence

–    Enhancing interpersonal skills, communication, and relationships

–    Boosting business management and work performance

–    Improving career opportunities

–    Enhancing personal order and time management

–    Improving life/work balance

–    Promoting wellness, fitness, and health – reduced stress levels and increased energy

–    Stopping bad behaviour

–    Improving the quality of life

–    Increasing income

In both these studies, coaching customers reported that life coaching was worth the investment. According to the 1998 survey, 98.5% of the clients said that life coaching was valuable. In the 2009 survey, 99% of customers were satisfied with life coaching.

Another third study that was conducted in 2004 also had some various aspects that coaching clients found valuable. They include:

–    Being accountable

–    Being encouraged

–    Generating ideas with the coach

–    Being listened to

–    Having independent viewpoints

What Do You Get From Coaching

So, what are you likely to obtain if you decide to hire a life coach?

  1.   Goals and Priorities

A coach can assist you in setting goals and priorities, and direct you on how to put your most essential preferences first. Your goals could be anything from the things in your mind that hold you back to the world forces that fight against you. When you organize your list of goals and priorities, you and your life coach can come up with strategies through which you can accomplish your goals sensibly and feasibly. 

  1.   Motivation

Motivation is like a divine concoction when it comes to achieving what you aspire. If you have been struggling to get something done, there is a likelihood that you just lack motivation.  A coach will assist you in finding out why that happens, and deal with any restraining patterns or beliefs that are not working. Then they will go along with you to motivate you to achieve your goals.

  1.   Accountability

Another significant aspect that coaching can assist you with is accountability. Coaching provides someone to report to, which enhances the likelihood of following up and achieving your objectives.

  1.   Going Beyond Ineffective Strategies and Confining Beliefs

Every person is prone to think that things are not working for them. Life coaches can help you free yourself from these habits by presenting new viewpoints, recognizing your weak points, and inducing big excellent moments.

You also have some unproductive approaches you have been utilizing to make things work in various situations in life. Your coach can help you in forgetting these and developing new ways that will work for you.

After getting rid of what is not working, you will be able to concentrate on what you want and come up with new strategies to achieve it.

Is Life Coaching Worth Investing Your Money and Time?

Some questions clients have before hiring a life coach are: Is life coaching worth it? Can I actually afford the cost? Is it worth the time commitment?

Let us take it as a mathematical problem. There is a certain amount of time and money that you spend to meet your goals each week without a life coach. Let’s name that value X.

You will spend some money and time on life coaching. Let’s name that value Y.

To determine whether hiring a life coach is worth the money and time, we will subtract the value of Y from the value of X. If the value of X exceeds the value of Y, you will have a real saving. Even if you save $1 or 1 hour, you will have obtained value for your investment. 

For instance, if you spend $2000 to meet your goals now and the money you will spend on coaching is $1500, you will save $500 by hiring a life coach

You might be telling yourself that you don’t spend money or time at all – you are just doing what you do. 

That is a simple but misleading trick to take on. We usually come up with various strategies to do things. For example, we have a strategy for organizing our time or for finding a new job. We always don’t think much about these strategies, but we have specially adopted them. That is where we spend our money and time. 

If you are using an approach that takes longer than it could – and most likely you are – you are losing a lot of time. And as we all know, time is money. That means when you lose an hour in a day, you will end up purchasing more convenience foodstuffs, which will eventually end up costing you more. Another example could be that you want to reduce weight; if it takes longer than you wanted, you may be tempted to purchase “slim down fast” programs, books, and pills, which will cost you money.

So, every time you follow a strategy, you invest money and time. If we would spend less time and money by hiring a life coach to work with us than we spend on the strategies we are currently using, then engaging a life coach is worth the investment. Even saving a dollar or an hour is enough. But you will likely save much more than that, as indicated in the above examples.

Coaching on aspects that assist in achieving your career and business goals can also be subject to tax deductions. Speak to your tax advisor or accountant for more information. 

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Life Coach?

The charges of a life coach are relatively comparable to those of other adept professionals. The costs vary depending on the coach and the services provided. More experience and better training will mostly correspond to higher prices. 

Private life coaching that involves face-to-face interactions or one-on-one coaching sessions will usually cost more than group coaching or online coaching. The cost of private coaching ranges between $50 to $500 per hour, depending on the coach and the services provided.  


Author Bio:  Mike Bundrant is the author of Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage and co-founder at The iNLP Center which offers online certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching.