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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”



“Michelle Raz is very kind, and caring. She has been working with our college aged son over the past two years helping him find a career path and navigating towards independence”

Bob and Tina, Texas

“…I’m especially grateful for your work helping me to organize myself. It’s always been something I’ve been bad and now I’m using those skills to find a job. Thank you for also pushing through and keeping positive when I would just shoot down ideas being negative…Thank You”. 

Kyle, California

“Hello Michelle!! Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for Kelsey last semester!! You saved us thousands of dollars by her not having to retake more classes. She is thankful to be working with you again this semester and so are we!! ” 

“It’s hard for parents to spend more $ while they’re already paying for college and potentially other therapists and treatment, but I think promoting the value you provide & even cost savings is helpful for parents to think about the big picture and long term. That doesn’t even mention the skills you’re teaching them that will likely transfer to other areas of their life, including future jobs. And their improved confidence!!”

Leslie, Texas

“Michelle Raz has worked as an Edge Coach for seven years.   In addition to her experience and professionalism that she brings to the coaching craft, her well-honed skills help her to empower her clients by developing their self-accountability while helping them to build and employ structures and make use of strategies around Executive Function so her clients can become successful with their goals.  She does this with persistence and positivity.  She is a valued member of the Edge Team!” 

Denise von Pressentin

Program Administrator, and Coach Match-Maker, Private Client Coaching, Edge Foundation

…..I truly cannot imagine where I would be without Michelle’s help and guidance throughout these difficult semesters and transitions. While I was so worried about being able to succeed in my chosen field, Michelle has helped me look to the future career and to structure my time to become much more organized, and I cannot thank her enough for her continuous support….

Fiona, New York

“ Michelle’s intuitive nature helps her connect at a deep level with her clients….”

Jack, Arizona

“Michelle has helped me get my life back on track to make it by following weekly goals with small steps instead of getting to the big picture right away…..”

Brad, Colorado

“The coaching sessions have been great. It was beneficial to process different ideas with someone open to hear”.   

Jason, California


Ross, South Carolina


Brendon, Pennsylvania

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