“Be the author of your life…..create a life you are passionate about”

The Process

Michelle helps clients dig deep into their internal dreams and desires and see ways to bring them to reality.

Key questions to initiate the client’s journey of self-discovery are posed in the initial sessions. The questioning serves as a launching point to explore the infinite possibilities for the client. Once the foundational relationship is established, the next step is to jump into the nuts and bolts of the coaching experience.

Coach Raz can guide you through a step-by-step action plan to reach your goal in life and hold you accountable along the way. Someone who is hesitant or unclear with their direction can utilize work with Coach Raz to overcome negative thinking around their careers and create possibilities where before there were none. They me feel there is more to offer of themselves in a new career but are stuck finding the steps to take and fear personal barriers that may negatively affect their chances of success. The coaching process helps to identify ways to problem solve real or perceived blocks, especially if you struggle with ADHD.

Get an Edge on your Career and Life Planning

Life is a series of transitions and Coach Raz is a change agent committed to seeing your transitions as opportunities to look at your real self and ideal self through a systematic approach that incorporates evidence based practices and methodology helping you follow your passion. She builds an authentic relationship with her clients guiding them to manifest their dream career through her unique approach disrupting their struggles with ADHD and executive function challenges.

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult,and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” 


Creating Awareness

This is where the client lets go of any previous cognitive beliefs about themselves and what career that “should be doing”.  You, the client are the expert of your life and you get to start fresh here with developing your passionate life and career.

Use powerful questioning to dive into yourself

What do I want?
What is my desire for my life and work?
What if?

Investigate you interests

What do I enjoy most?

Look at your skills and accomplishments

Time to think of your successes

Take into account your habits and biorhythms

How does this fit with your dream career?

Fear of the ever changing labor market

How do you fit in?

What is your personality type?

We all have a tribe of people we work well with

What are you priorities?

 Let’s list these out

What challenges do you face?

What are the possibilities to maneuver around them?

What do I want to contribute to society?

I have that gift and it is unveiled!

What can you see yourself doing?

visualization techniques used

How do you express your passion in life?

Identify any components in your current life

What are you doing on a day to day basis to help nurture your goal? How are you taking care of YOU?

Dig into lifestyle:

Coach Raz takes a holistic approach with each client to take an inventory of how his or her current habits and lifestyles affect the client’s life goal.  Together, should a shift need to happen, an action plan is created.  By creating a healthy whole body, one can become increasingly more efficient with their intentions and action plans.  She can offer ADHD planning advice as well

In The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it has been described  how our experiences of the world depends on the state of our nervous system.  By taking care of your body and mind through rest and diet the body will be healthy and the mind alert.  It goes on to say that our thoughts will be powerful and clear which will lead to clear actions that will be successful and rewarding. Through this whole process life becomes passionate and more fulfilling as you create the dream life and career path.


Coach Raz embraces this holistic process empowering you to step out and into your future career.