The COPE System • Raz Coaching for ADHD

An Effective and Affordable Solution For Students Falling Through the Cracks Especially During COVID-19

Help students develop crucial self-management skills, strategies and accountability skills to bridge the gap between working in a classroom and working at home by utilizing The COPE Lab

Students are struggling now more than ever!

  • Students having a hard time before Covid-19 are struggling even more now!
  • Parents are looking for more support and resources to help their kids through these challenging times
  • Students and parents are having problems staying organized and on schedule with the student’s workload.
  • Parents are burned out trying to balance work, school and study skills during these overwhelming times.
  • Students lack the structure they need beyond the classroom.
  • The balance of student safety and support are in flux
  • Balancing the school budget and maintaining valuable resources is challenging
  • Pace expectations become challenging when students don’t comprehend in the virtual environment and don’t complete their work.
  • Home-school environments lend themselves to social isolation
  • Teachers are worried that students will fall behind without some home intervention

Students Depend on Their Executive Function Skills to Stay on Track

When these skills are a challenge students will…

Forget Critical Information While Studying

It’s common for students to become easily distracted, lose attention and deviate from organized systems that help them stay on track. They often struggle with auditory processing.

Become Overwhelmed With The Inability to Prioritize

Students demonstrate heightened sensitivity to overwhelm and can even become emotionally explosive

Get Stuck and Unable To Work

Students often resist homework and struggle with what steps to take next. They find breaking down large assignments into smaller chunks a challenge.

Be Easily Distracted and Lose Attention

Students lose track of time, miss deadlines and miss assignments. It’s common for them to lose completed work and misplace items.

You have excellent staff that pour their heart and soul into helping these students, but many students need more support, especially after school when they work independently. The COPE Lab is designed to support and develop a student’s executive functioning skills virtually from a secure online portal

COPE Will Address Your Biggest Problems by Supporting Students

There are 4 keys to improving a students executive function skills so they can stop struggling


Help Students get work done and turn it in 


Stick to the plan with redirection strategies


Build on strengths and routines for better academic habits


Build confidence to become more independent

COPE Lab Will Help Students Succeed in School and Future Endeavors 

Students will stop feeling unmotivated, frustrated and defeated and start… 
  • Setting daily at home routines to bridge school-home
  • Strengthen their executive function skills
  • Be Accountable and be held accountable
  • Stay on track and turn in assignments on time
  • Have and Stick to a study plan and be ready for tests
  • Know WHEN they need extra help and Advocate for themselves
  • Learn to prioritize workloads 
  • Create a plan unique to them and follow it

Retain and Increase Enrollment 

1. Offering an independent option of high level of support to those who need it will also preserve resources for the general student population.

2. This program has the ability to allow you to retain or open enrollment to a broader range of students because it provides independent extended resources to support their unique academic challenges.

3. Offering this type of intervention conveys to parents that the institution is invested in helping it’s students find solutions when they stumble and will creatively elevate their efforts toward success.

4. Be a cut above the competition and appeal to parents by offering more support options to your student body!

5. Grow your scholarship programs. We donate 5% of the Direct subscriptions to help your community create expanded access to quality education at your institution 

Without Michelle’s help, we’re pretty sure our high-school senior wouldn’t have graduated

Without Michelle’s help, we’re pretty sure our high-school senior wouldn’t have graduated on time! Michelle was not only a constantly-positive and motivating force, but she taught us that the supportive approach is far more beneficial for dealing with smart-but-disorganized, low-achieving (and seemingly uncaring) kids with ADD, who know they have a problem but can’t articulate what it is.E

– Emily: COPE Client

His organization and diligence is amazing!

I just wanted to thank you again for your work…. It was very effective and his organization and diligence is amazing

Melinda: COPE Client

I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have

My junior year has been the hardest time I have had to endure both emotionally and academically. I wouldn’t have been able to be organized enough to make the hard decisions I have had to make the last few months without the help of my wonderful ADHD Coach, Michelle. She has not only been a lifesaver to me in this hard time; she has also been a blessing to my parents, who have had to struggle alongside me. I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for Michelle (Raz Coaching) for helping me thrive in a time period I would have previously thought impossible.

Mandy – COPE Client

What Makes COPE Lab So Special?

COPE Students will have access to their own coach and user portal. Each month they will go over individualized action plans for improving their executive function skills by way of HIPPA compliant one-on-one virtual coaching calls, chats, videos and more.

Customized Action Plans

Addressing and Improving Executive Function Skills

High Accountability processing

Personalized Coaching

Continuity of Learning from School to Home 

Measurable Progress

Help Students Adjust to Learning Online and Independently

Every student counts and school administrations are in a tough situation trying to find solutions amidst all the other challenges that come with remote learning and flexible instruction

They may be the same students who failed to meet academic demands before COVID-19

Some students thrive when they learn in traditional classrooms but struggle with independent and in remote learning environments.

Then there are students that rely heavily on resource support.

There are seldom one-size-fits-all remedies for helping students develop their executive function skills.  So how can you support students that haven’t been able to thrive and rise to the occasion?

Getting Started is Easy


Find The Right Fit

Identify academically vulnerable students who will benefit from our program


Reach Out

Reach out to their parents and provide our COPE System Resource Guide

Start on the Road to Success

Parents sign students up with a school code and begin an individualized plan for success

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