3 Get Focused Advice for the  ADHD Remote Learning Student

Learning at home is full of distractions; there is your sister watching the television, your brother playing his online games, and the noise coming from the outside. While focus is an essential factor in remote learning, students with ADHD struggle and find it hard to focus on their schoolwork.

With all the distractions and challenges that you may encounter as a student with ADHD, what do you think are the things that will help keep you in focus while learning?

This blog will give you three focused Tips for the  ADHD Remote Learning Student.

Stick to your medication routine

Staying healthy is what matters most because your behavior starts with yourself. If you feel good about yourself, that’s step one to feel good about your day too and if that happens, you will be inspired on whatever it is you’re doing, well in this case in your schoolwork.

If you have ADHD medication, take it regularly or as prescribed. It helps reduce the tendency to have an overactive and thinking brain, inattentiveness and impulsivity. However, not everyone is too keen on medication. If this is you, I encourage you to look into alternative ways to help your cognitive skills.  You can read more tips on this on my Instagram page.  There is a lot of advice for whether you are taking medications or not to improve your lifestyle through a good self-care routine.

Just a reminder, be responsible with your medication.  If you want to know more about what I mean on this topic go here.

Set a goal

It’s Monday, the weekend felt so short and you feel lazy. What do you usually do to start your day?

Make a goal for today or for the week. Starting your day with a goal in mind will help you keep your focus. You can start with one goal a day and set the alarm on your phone daily to remind you of what you need to do. Once your alarm rings, never ever snooze it, make it a habit to really begin “doing” and start the day with a no procrastinating mode of operation. Eventually, when you’ve already got the hang of doing your tasks on a daily basis, you will be set on your routine.

To be able to do that, first, you have to know what you have to achieve and commit to it. Use your planner.   I have a great and easy one I use with clients and share it in a previous video.   You have to create a plan, a step by step process on what needs to be done. That plan of small activities will help keep you on track and focused.

Create the mood

One’s environment affects their behavior significantly. For your online class, create a regular study space for yourself and keep it organized. Setting up a dedicated learning environment will help create a positive mood for you and it will help you focus on achieving or finishing your task.

Having your work done in one place repeatedly allows you to be familiar and establish your daily routine. Your space can be anywhere around the house, wherever works best for you and wherever you feel most comfortable. Having a designated place for your daily class will help you stay organized. Keeping your important files in one place will make it easier for you to access everything.

Staying at home is a global effort to stay safe and healthy amid the pandemic. In our current situation, online classes are the best option for students to keep going and still be on track on their academic journey. It can be challenging at first because online classes have its fair share of challenges in reality.  These Tips for the  ADHD Remote Learning Student tips will help navigate ADHD and the stressors.

Michelle R. Raz, M.A. Ed., is a professional executive function coach and educational consultant. She specializes in helping people with executive function challenges associated with ADHD be the best version of themselves in their academic and career journeys. You can follow her for fun and motivational ADHD facts and free advice on Instagram or Facebook.