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Disrupt Your Career with This Course

Disrupt Your Career with This Course

What is Career Exploration Webinar Course about?

This Disrupt Your Career Exploration Webinar course concentrates on looking into one’s strength, interests, personality, aptitude and creating strategies to overcome any obstacles related to executive functioning deficits that may keep one from pursuing their dreams in a particular career.

How can this class help me?

If you are struggling with deciding what career is best for you or how to incorporate your best strengths into a career, this will help you to reach your own potential in a given career.

Who is this class geared toward?

This is course is best for a college student or recent graduate. High school students who are looking at which major to declare will find this beneficial as well.

What types of things will I be working on?

  • Career Development and early career dreams and interest
  • Skills, accomplishment and aptitude
  • How personality traits factor into career choices
  • Prioritizing work and leisure values
  • Personal challenges and possibilities to overcome them

Is this class for graduating seniors in high school or younger?

Yes, if they are contemplating which major to pursue or career path

Is this class for students in college?

Yes, this is an excellent course to identify your strengths, interests and pathway to your dream career. Or make sure you are on the right track and what steps to take next.

What about adults taking this class who are in the workplace?

This would be a good course for adults who are feeling that they may need a change of career to redefine themselves or find a new passion that better aligns with their interests, skills and lifestyle. We will be offering a class geared towards this type of client in the near future.


Disrupt Your Career


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Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions

Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions

Tips To Make The Most Our of Your Coaching Sessions

In this episode Michelle goes over how to make the most out of your coaching sessions.

Create a list of things to be ready to talk about with your coach.

For more information on Michelle and Raz Coaching visit.

Online School Questions Answered

Online School Questions Answered

3 Online School Questions Answered

Welcome to the ADHD strategist where we come together to talk about living with ADHD. We are here to discuss the challenges and applying strategies that we face living with the disorder in ourselves or our family and how to stay in control with our lives. I

Online schooling can be great because you can work at your own pace but it can also be difficult when you’re needing extra support or you’re needing to make sure that you’re getting things done for accountability. I have three questions today that I’ve been asked recently that I want to share with you and I hope that I’ll help you and your experience with this online schooling.

1. Do I need to enforce where
my student studies?

2. My student takes forever
to do their work,
is there something I can do
to help them be faster?

3. My student gets frustrated
so easily and gives up before
he/she can get help,
what can I do?

If you have more questions and you are still stuck and you can’t find the answers on my website with some of the articles I’ve written, try my Ask Raz! app on my website where I answer relevant ADHD and executive function questions. Thanks for listening today. or where I offer daily motivation tips advice and humor.

5 Motivation Tips For Your Teen At Home

5 Motivation Tips For Your Teen At Home

5 Motivation Tips For Your Teen At Home

Motivating your teenager at home is hard even on a good day.  But As we are in the middle of our stay at home orders, it is getting even harder.   In this episode, Michelle shares 5 motivational tips that can get your teen moving in the right direction with good spirits.

Michelle is a mother of 3 and has a lot of experience motivating her own kids and hundreds of other teenagers through her work with academic and career coaching over the years.

She will share here wisdom and insight with these helpful 5 motivations tips for your teen at home during this crisis.

In the previous episode she focused on helping you navigate the online classes and assignments with her specialized 6 Step Online Planner.  You can view it HERE

Coach Raz has been an academic coach for over 10 years and you can find more details at  or

Academic Online Planner in 6 Steps-simple and effective

Academic Online Planner in 6 Steps-simple and effective

How to Create My Academic Online Planner in 6 Steps

This a very simple yet effective tool that I use with many of my clients. This step by step explanation of my online planner will help you identify your goals for each month and week.  You can easily see what is important for you to manage your time to complete. This is a great tool if you need help with visual auditory and kinesthetic learning techniques. You can see the tasks quickly, talk through how you are going to complete the work and color code the completed action items.  Also, it helps with motivation time management and just a great visual.

This is great for organizing subjects, task and deadlines.   The  color coding system helps to  identify exactly where you are in the week with completed items, items in progress, what doesn’t  get done and important deadlines.  Clients love this simple and yet effective planner!

Raz Coaching specializes in helping people with executive function challenges. Read more at Or sign up for the weekly blog or purchase my new book, Happiness+Passion+Purpose. This is where you can find exercises and strategies you can put to use immediately. AND follow at for daily motivations
Free Tips on Managing Online Schooling

Free Tips on Managing Online Schooling

We are in some real challenging times. The way we go about our life is changing at a minute by minute pace. We are finding ourselves in new roles. You might have just become a teacher or  an academic coach  and a home health care provider. Things that you didn’t typically think that would be in your repertoire but now are forced upon you by these new changes. Rightfully so that we need to do to be responsible citizens.  You might be feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.


I am here to hopefully ease some of that frustration and fear of what you are now being strapped with. If you are a person that is having to help either a college student or an adjusted public school student at home because you’ve switched to online schooling, I will be able to offer you some advice today.


This is what I do for a living every day for over 10 years. I help students one on one and sometimes do webinars that helps them be successful in their academic life and career planning. Specifically, I work with people organizing, time management, task initiation, planning, prioritizing and keeping them accountable. These are what we call the areas of executive functions.


Now this is going be really important for you to understand as we have different students with variable challenges and strengths.


How is this online format going to work?


Maybe they’ve had a class online before and it wasn’t successful for them. These can be triggers that can be a barrier to what can actually be a smooth working and quite productive time for your family and especially your student. So, I want to give you five online schools survival tips to help get you started.


You got this!