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Free Tips on Managing Online Schooling

Free Tips on Managing Online Schooling

We are in some real challenging times. The way we go about our life is changing at a minute by minute pace. We are finding ourselves in new roles. You might have just become a teacher or  an academic coach  and a home health care provider. Things that you didn’t typically think that would be in your repertoire but now are forced upon you by these new changes. Rightfully so that we need to do to be responsible citizens.  You might be feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.


I am here to hopefully ease some of that frustration and fear of what you are now being strapped with. If you are a person that is having to help either a college student or an adjusted public school student at home because you’ve switched to online schooling, I will be able to offer you some advice today.


This is what I do for a living every day for over 10 years. I help students one on one and sometimes do webinars that helps them be successful in their academic life and career planning. Specifically, I work with people organizing, time management, task initiation, planning, prioritizing and keeping them accountable. These are what we call the areas of executive functions.


Now this is going be really important for you to understand as we have different students with variable challenges and strengths.


How is this online format going to work?


Maybe they’ve had a class online before and it wasn’t successful for them. These can be triggers that can be a barrier to what can actually be a smooth working and quite productive time for your family and especially your student. So, I want to give you five online schools survival tips to help get you started.


You got this!

Career Talk The One and Only Wilma Fellman

Career Talk The One and Only Wilma Fellman

In this episode,  host Michelle Raz interviews her career coaching colleague and mentor, Wilma Fellman.   Wilma has been a licensed professional counselor for over 30 years, specializing  in ADHD, LD and other life challenges.  Her work has helped many people struggling to find the right career.   She is the author of The other Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD for Adults, Kids, and Parents and Finding a Career That Works for You.  She, also, contributed to the book, Understanding Women with ADHD.

As a constant contributor to ADDitude Magazine, Attention Magazine and Blog Talk Radio, she continues to impact this niche population. Her work is the inspiration for Michelle’s book,  Happiness Passion Purpose,  and wrote the foreword as well.   You will have some great takeaways and insight from this episode.     To listen to past podcast shows go to   where you can also download extra freebies including booking a free consultation session.

As a Board Certified Coach, with over 2,500 one on one coaching hours and Career Service Specialist, Michelle has the expertise you need to make your change. She has a gift of helping you tap into your hidden desire, dreams and aspirations through her career coaching method. She unearths your strengths and problem solves your perceived obstacles. You can live the creative life you have dreamed of (desire) and that is exactly how Michelle models herself. She believes in her clients. Her unique approach sets her aside from others, which helps you discover and make step by step action plans to FIND or REDEFINE YOU and your ultimate dream career and life.

Home For The Holidays!

Home For The Holidays!

Home For The Holidays!  

As students get excited for the holidays and receive long academic breaks, it can be a time that adds stress to the family household.   Elementary students are exploding with timeless energy while anticipating the events of the season. High school and college students are planning their off time with friends. Maybe, they are even inviting out of town friends to stay at home with them. Or they are frantically studying for their final exams and can’t even respond to your calls about their plans for the break. read more…

The ADHD Academic Game Plan

Things you can do to prepare an ADHD student for a successful new academic year.

Set Goals for Academic Objective: Get  them to own their year or better yet semester ahead. With ADHD it may be better to start with a semester. What it does: read more…

The ultimate goal of ADHD career coaching

ADHD Career Coaching

Finding a Perfect Career Match when you have ADHD

The ultimate goal of career coaching is about finding the perfect career match to help you discover your hidden capabilities and talents. Career coaches work with people to help them in seeking to explore career options. This is a good fit for someone seeking help after college or experienced professionals contemplating a career change.

The elements of our Career Coaching Program start with your end goal in mind and a plan to execute your next steps.

It will provide the structure and planning needed.  You and your coach will analyze where you are on your road-map to a successful career.   With the help of an ADHD career coach, the path is clear and direct. The client and ADHD career coach work closely creating a tactical plan using customized strategies and habit building routines that will help you get to where you want to go in your career path.

“A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision will leave you uninspired. But a vision with a plan can guide your destiny to reality.” – Michelle


Raz Coaching specializes in helping people with executive function challenges associated with ADHD, PTSD, Stress, TBI’s and ASD find careers they will love and land them. Read more at Or sign up for the weekly blog or purchase my new book Happiness+Passion+Purpose.  It is packed full of exercises and strategies you can put to use immediately.

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