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The COPE System is an independently paid service specifically for those who need extra support strengthening the executive function skills needed to improve self-awareness and academic success

Each Coach Utilizes the COPE Method to Support Students

Collect and Analyze

Identify WHERE to get your academic information and pull it together in one place with your coach. Analyze what is being asked/required of you. Discuss what support and resources you will need to get the work done. Do you need a tutor? Do you need accommodations such as extra time on a test? Is there a protocol your need to follow for your school to receive the supports. etc.

Organization the Information

Take the information and organize it in the planner with your coach. Break the larger requirements down into chunkable steps and end goals. What needs to happen with each requirement? Prep and plan ahead for papers, tests, projects etc.

Prioritize & Prepare an Action Plan

Now that you have all the information organized with the steps, resources and supports needed to be successful, you and your coach will prioritize what needs to happen in a sequential order. This step encompasses other life factors that may get in into the way of your successful and allow you and your coach to work around obligations or potential distractions.

Execute the Plan & Be Accountable

What good is an organized & prioritized plan without it getting done? This is the most important part of the COPE method! Now it is time to take action. You and your coach will go through the steps to take for each goal. This verbal, kinesthetic and auditory process will help set you up for success. The methods and tactic for knowing if and when each goal is met is identified and put into place. There is a simple color-coding system you will use with built in check-ins and reminders via text with your coach throughout each week.

Utilizing this method, students gain confidence and feel empowered to set current and future goals that will help them be successful in their academic journey. This weekly coaching relationship will strengthen their executive function skills for improved self-awareness and academic success.

The COPE System Addresses Student Challenges

Each Coach Utilizes the COPE method to coach the student in 4 specific areas


Help Students get it done and turn it in


Stick to the plan with redirection strategies


Build on strengths and routines for better academic habits


Build confidence to become more independent

COPE Will Help Students Succeed

Through a customized online coaching platform, accessible anytime and anywhere, the student and designated coach connect through private messaging and 1-to-1 virtual meetings to achieve higher levels of success.

The coach is able to provide personalized support where the student’s current executive function skill levels may be hindering their success. Over time, the student and coach increase skills that will help them become independently successful.

Getting Started is Easy


Find The Right Fit

Identify academically vulnerable students who will benefit from our program

Reach Out

Reach out to their parents and provide our COPE System Resource Guide

Start on the Road to Success

Parents sign students up with a school code and begin an individualized plan for success

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