Tips To Keep From Getting Fired At Work When You Struggle With ADHD

At present, over nine million adults who are part of the United States workforce are living with ADHD which is a neurobehavioral condition that manifests in different forms.

ADHD & Getting FiredMany people with ADHD are unable to manage time, stay organized, pay attention, follow directions, sit still, complete assignments and get to work on time; and that is why many struggle with their job.

In fact, research has shown that 50 percent of adults living with ADHD are unable to maintain a full-time job and even when they do, they may get fired due to factors associated with executive functions skills.

However, there are many ways people with ADHD can cope and be successful at the jobs despite their struggles.

Own It

As a person living with ADHD, one thing you must do is to accept it and come to terms with how it affects your day to day life. Once you accept it, you can look for ways to help yourself to follow the daily routines time management and accountability structures.

Seek the help of a career coach

A career coach can help a person living with ADHD to make strategies and accommodations for their jobs. They offer accountability and guidance on difficulties you might encounter; a career coach helps you navigate through job situations that might be quite challenging.

De-clutter your work environment

By de-cluttering through organizational techniques you can work more efficiently and reduce distractions.  Time to get rid of those heaps and piles accumulating on your desk or set a goal to go through them each morning before your work day becomes too hectic until the pile is gone.

Reduce Distractions

If you work in a private space, you can pick a time to get focused and produce results. People who work in a large office environment can simply get their jobs done in the conference room where there is no noise. Also, avoid taking your calls; instead you can redirect all calls to allow your voicemail take messages. Hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the wall of your doorposts is another way to avoid distractions.

Reward Yourself

Learn how to reward yourself when you complete a task. This can fuel your motivation to keep up with your work load. You can do this by taking a break, reading a magazine, going for a special lunch or getting yourself a gift. With this, you can get motivated to do more.

To Say or Not to Say

Before disclosing your condition at work, you must carefully watch your employers and monitor the environment. Some employers are quite accommodating to those living with ADHD while others may use it against you and get you fired.

Keep it Positive

While ADHD can make the demands of your job difficult, there are some real positives too that it can bring. The ability to hyper focus might just pull you and your colleagues through a tough deadline or be used in a brainstorming session for product development. As much as it is important to address weaknesses, it is important to highlight the value you bring with your unique ADHD traits and often times gifts!

Accentuate the Positive and be seen as the asset you truly are in your career!

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